Saturday, January 29, 2011

The 5 Advantages of No Bath Day

No Bath Day is a very important and crutucial issue for all Mumbaites. The New Year Resolution should be NO Bath Day, Beacuse of the acute shortage of Water and mishandling we neeed to focus on this key ussue;
1. We need the city authorities to realise this issue of Safe and Clean Water
2. This falls under the basic amenities of living
3. Besides, we can save 20 mins of our time
4. In Addition, we save on Water, Soap etc
5. We can wear fresh clothes instead for one day and show our support

The flip side, is that we will not feel fresh, may not be able to pray (As most Indian do) etc! but we are willing to sacrifice for this great cause.

Calling all Mumbaities to join in on No BATH DAY!!


  1. great nice thought, but cant not not bathe everyday..once in a month is ok.
    ok subodhi, pls ensure ur 'spellcheck' :)

  2. This post borders on the funny and serious. Like I wonder how much we can really save in terms of money or tangibles by using less soap :) Just saying!

    But water problem is a big issue and we need to tackle the same on a high priority. If we all take the stand on a single day, I am sure we are bound to make the authorities stand and take notice

  3. i guess here only the benifit of saving water is focussed so joining the camp for the purpose doest really appeal and excite