Saturday, January 29, 2011

No Bath day

This means SAVING water, LOT OF WATER! and saving time, precious time. (Though lot of Deos' & perfumes have been used)

I think we should have 5 'No bath days' in a month for each Family in Mumbai. This would be my small effort to reserve the precious resources like water.

This could be useful.


  1. As long as these happen on weekends and people are not allowed to get out of their houses! Can you imagine a train compartment full of people who haven't had a bath?? *Faints*

  2. 5 days no bath in Mumbai? Are we allowed to take baths in one's own sweat?

  3. sounds really horrifying.. a bath though simple with economical usage of water sounds better

  4. Sounds like we would have to switch on to the water conservation mode in us