Saturday, January 29, 2011

No Bath Save Water

We all know that Europeans don't bathe in a week sometimes. Maybe that's to do more with the Frigid environment they all live in. However we Indians do sweat a lot, so not really sure if not bathing even for a day is a good idea or not. But when the rains are scarce, maybe we should give in our 2 bits to the society. Think of those millions of people who don't have access to drinking water. And in their honour, pledge to stay away from Bathing on this one day. Do you know we use at least 15 to 20 litres of water per person when in a shower? Imagine if we all saved that much water in a day. That could help probably irrigate an entire farm for 2 months of summer, when there's no water. So consider this. Don't bathe, use perfume and don't sweat about it :)


  1. Heh, liked the last line. Adds the right punch!

  2. Some days I just take bath with two mugs of water :) I save the environment, therefore I am