Saturday, January 29, 2011

No Bath Day ends up into Have Bath Day!!!!

"No bath day" for me refers to not getting up early in the morning and maybe catching up with little more sleep and more of dreaming sounds a pretty nice deal , But i actually prefer having long hours of bath as it makes me  feel fresh and rejuvenated for the day ahead .So for me a" No Bath Day" is not something i  would  not wish for.But still if I have to live a No Bath Day  i will not miss the chance because the idea itself sounds so tempting and i think in winters it is a must have for me at least.But i think there will be a tentative chance of me admitting the fact that i haven't taken a bath in front of anyone else especially not my Mother who i am sure will be very angry and the No Bath Day will actually end up in me taking a bath .

The 5 Advantages of No Bath Day

No Bath Day is a very important and crutucial issue for all Mumbaites. The New Year Resolution should be NO Bath Day, Beacuse of the acute shortage of Water and mishandling we neeed to focus on this key ussue;
1. We need the city authorities to realise this issue of Safe and Clean Water
2. This falls under the basic amenities of living
3. Besides, we can save 20 mins of our time
4. In Addition, we save on Water, Soap etc
5. We can wear fresh clothes instead for one day and show our support

The flip side, is that we will not feel fresh, may not be able to pray (As most Indian do) etc! but we are willing to sacrifice for this great cause.

Calling all Mumbaities to join in on No BATH DAY!!

No Bath Day

No Bath Day..The idea of a no bath day sounds lazy but on the contrary its a fabulous idea of saving water and yes offcourse time. My usual day starts in a peculiar manner with a lazy brush, a cup of tea and finally a shower to head for the monotononous office schedule. But this time I thought of contributing to the nature. Ample number of time I think of plantations, water harvesting and returning nature in my own way what it has bestowed on me. So with this new year resolution I planned to save buckets of water I waste each day in name of a simple bath. Finally the day has come and instead of a shower I opted for a simple sponge. I thought it would be a slow sulking start but it was suprising that it was rather fast steady day with saving almost 20 minutes which helped me to have a healthy breakfast with bread toast, boiled eggs and cornflakes. I was also surprisingly able to catch my office bus which I always missed and had to resort to the Mumbai ki aam savari the much in demand autorickshaw. This small change actually made a lot of change in my daily schedule as I reached my office on time surprising my boss and colleagues who actually get a chance to bully me all the time. This time the sun actually rose from west for me as I was not the target but I made others my target for a change. The lazy day actually turned out to be a easy day I would suggest that such small resolutions not only alter the day but in turn it aspires to be different. 

No Bath day

This means SAVING water, LOT OF WATER! and saving time, precious time. (Though lot of Deos' & perfumes have been used)

I think we should have 5 'No bath days' in a month for each Family in Mumbai. This would be my small effort to reserve the precious resources like water.

This could be useful.

No Bath Save Water

We all know that Europeans don't bathe in a week sometimes. Maybe that's to do more with the Frigid environment they all live in. However we Indians do sweat a lot, so not really sure if not bathing even for a day is a good idea or not. But when the rains are scarce, maybe we should give in our 2 bits to the society. Think of those millions of people who don't have access to drinking water. And in their honour, pledge to stay away from Bathing on this one day. Do you know we use at least 15 to 20 litres of water per person when in a shower? Imagine if we all saved that much water in a day. That could help probably irrigate an entire farm for 2 months of summer, when there's no water. So consider this. Don't bathe, use perfume and don't sweat about it :)

Friday, January 28, 2011

Introduction - No Bath Day

The idea to create the post on No Bath Day is to give a sense to the idea of Blogging during the workshop "Get Social This Saturday" to the participants.

The objective is to get comfortable about blogging as a communication medium and to know the nuances and various elements of blogging.

Headline, Tags, SEO and most importantly the creative input on content.