Saturday, January 29, 2011

No Bath Day

No Bath Day..The idea of a no bath day sounds lazy but on the contrary its a fabulous idea of saving water and yes offcourse time. My usual day starts in a peculiar manner with a lazy brush, a cup of tea and finally a shower to head for the monotononous office schedule. But this time I thought of contributing to the nature. Ample number of time I think of plantations, water harvesting and returning nature in my own way what it has bestowed on me. So with this new year resolution I planned to save buckets of water I waste each day in name of a simple bath. Finally the day has come and instead of a shower I opted for a simple sponge. I thought it would be a slow sulking start but it was suprising that it was rather fast steady day with saving almost 20 minutes which helped me to have a healthy breakfast with bread toast, boiled eggs and cornflakes. I was also surprisingly able to catch my office bus which I always missed and had to resort to the Mumbai ki aam savari the much in demand autorickshaw. This small change actually made a lot of change in my daily schedule as I reached my office on time surprising my boss and colleagues who actually get a chance to bully me all the time. This time the sun actually rose from west for me as I was not the target but I made others my target for a change. The lazy day actually turned out to be a easy day I would suggest that such small resolutions not only alter the day but in turn it aspires to be different. 


  1. This is like a totally different way of how a No Bath Day should be perceived ,a new way and an effective way ....

  2. Actually strictly speaking, a sponge bath is still a bath. But probably a more effective way! :-D

  3. Nice thoughts, but too long for Blogging.