Saturday, January 29, 2011

No Bath Day ends up into Have Bath Day!!!!

"No bath day" for me refers to not getting up early in the morning and maybe catching up with little more sleep and more of dreaming sounds a pretty nice deal , But i actually prefer having long hours of bath as it makes me  feel fresh and rejuvenated for the day ahead .So for me a" No Bath Day" is not something i  would  not wish for.But still if I have to live a No Bath Day  i will not miss the chance because the idea itself sounds so tempting and i think in winters it is a must have for me at least.But i think there will be a tentative chance of me admitting the fact that i haven't taken a bath in front of anyone else especially not my Mother who i am sure will be very angry and the No Bath Day will actually end up in me taking a bath .


  1. Cool tagline. That shows the power of a mom even when u think u have grown up.

  2. You need to support the cause as the key issue here is saving water which has not been mentioned anywhere!